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The Kings of Texas Folk-Grass

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Released August, 2014
Hickory Hill Records HH 900

Personnel: John Early, Bob Stegall, Wes Perry, Michael Morrison and Milo Deering

Produced by Hickory Hill
Engineered by Milo Deering
Mixed by Milo Deering, John Early and Bob Stegall
Mastered by Patrick McGuire
Recorded at Acoustic Kitchen Studio, Dallas, TX
Photos by Richard Faviell
Cover Design & Art by Richard Bowden and John Early

It's hard to believe but 2014 was Hickory Hill's 35th year as a band together.  What better way to celebrate the milestone year than with the release of our 10th recording project "The Kings of Texas Folk-Grass"! A special thanks to our good friend Mike Powell for dubbing us with this title. We are proud of it and think it fits us well. This was our first project with our line up of the previous three years and what a thrill it was to have Michael Morrison and Milo Deering in the studio with us. We hope everyone who hears the CD will agree.

So from all of Hickory Hill, sit back, turn it up, and hope you enjoy our latest project.

John, Bob, Wes, Michael and Milo