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Special Historical Edition

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Released May, 1983
Hickory Hill Records LP 200

Personnel: John Early, Don Eaves, Rolan Foster, Ronny Singley and Bob Stegall

Special Guest: Doc Hamilton


Executive Producer: Tom Russell
Produced by Hickory Hill
Engineered by Jim Phillips
Recorded at Tomlyn Recording Studio, Flint, TX
Mastered at Woodland Sound Studio, Nashville, TN by Denny Purcell and Greg Hunt
Cover articles and images courtesy of Fred McKenzie
1983 Photography by Sandra Florence
Special Thanks to Jimmy Godwin

"Hickory Hill, one of Texas' most popular bluegrass groups, gives us another bluegrass gem with this, their second album, and they do it by taking the fine sound and infectious humor they bring to the stage, and somehow transfer it to the record, a feat almost impossible to do in bluegrass music." -- " Houston Chronicle.

"...they play and sing well, effectively communicating a band identity, and that makes them a recognizable unit instead of just another bunch of pickers...it's a well conceived, well played, and well produced album..." -- Bluegrass Unlimited.