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Good Times Again


Good Times Again

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Released March, 1998
Hickory Hill Records HH 500 / HHR-1001

Personnel: John Early, Don Eaves, Jimmy Godwin, Ronny Singley and Bob Stegall

Produced by Hickory Hill
Recorded at Rosewood Studios in Tyler, TX
Engineered by Austin Deptula, Greg Hunt, Gary Leach and J.B. Patterson
Mixed and digitally edited by Austin Deptula
Mastered at Rosewood Studios by Austin Deptula
Cover design by Rick Gardner, Rick Gardner Photography, Houston, TX
Band photograph by Charles Gardner, Gardner Studio, Overton, TX

"The excellent Good Times Again! proves to be the strongest album by far from Hickory Hill. It bears the hallmarks of a confident band doing exactly what it intended in the studio." - Bluegrass Unlimited

"Hickory Hill is a regionally recognized group whose music is grossly unfamiliar nationwide….The best thing to come out of Texas since oil." - Norris Long WVMR

"I’m a big fan of these guys. Great stuff!" - Wayne Rice KSON