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Forty years and counting...

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Released August 10, 2019
Hickory Hill Records HH 1000

Personnel: John Early, Don Eaves, Ronny Singley, Bob Stegall, Milo Deering and Richard Bowden

Produced by Hickory Hill
Engineered by Milo Deering
Mixed by Milo Deering and Hickory Hill
Mastered by Jon Raney
Recorded at Acoustic Kitchen Recording Studio, Dallas, TX
Back panel photo by Jim King - Tooled leather emblem by Vicki Woods
Cover Design by Holly & Richard Bowden & John Early

"Forty years and counting..." serves as an exclamation mark on a bluegrass journey that began in 1979! Hickory Hill celebrates this milestone with all four surviving members back together again, alongside two long admired friends, that make up the current roster: John Early, Bob Stegall, Don Eaves, Ronny Singley, Milo Deering and Richard Bowden! This recording encompasses some older Hickory Hill favorites performed the way we do them now, alongside some new arrangements of what we think is a great compilation of songs. So sit back in your rocking chair and take a comfortable listen to Hickory Hill at forty!! Turn it up!!

John, Don, Ronny, Bob, Milo and Richard