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Coyote Night

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Released March, 1982
Custom Record LP 128

Personnel: John Early, Don Eaves, Rolan Foster, Ronny Singley and Bob Stegall

Produced by Hickory Hill
Engineered by Curtis Kirk
Recorded at Custom Studio, Tyler, TX
Photos by Teresa Herrin, Sandra Florence, T. Miller, D. Jacobs, S. Singley, M. Carpenter, C. Evans
Logo by Leonard Kasza
Liner Notes by Don Rodgers

"Coyote Night” proves to be an adeptly produced effort showcasing some first-rate musical talent that readily blends into one common purpose...a convincing debut album…Hickory Hill is going to be around for quite a while." -- Bluegrass Unlimited.

"Something that is difficult, if not impossible, to capture on record is a group's personality on stage, their rapport with an audience. Hickory Hill can lull you with their...East Texas good ol' boys demeanor and then blow you out of your seat with their music. You'll have to go and see them in person for that." -- Bluegrass Newsletter.