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Hickory Hill _ Forty years and counting...

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Forty years and counting...

  Forty years and counting...  

And if you're counting with us, that's almost forty three years now.

Our summer shows have completed and we're grateful for the opportunities we've had to perform. We saw some old friends and met some new ones. That's a great thing. We want to further extend our love and appreciation for our long time friend Mike Tucker for his willingness to step in and fill the gap on bass while our dear friend Bob continues to make strides in recovering from health related setbacks. He did such a remarkable job in working to latch on to some songs we have been rehearsing for awhile now and our audiences would never have known. Mike and his wife Julie are such dear friends and we appreciate them so much. We also appreciate the many folks who have been in Bob's corner since this has been going on, especially our friend Ricky, who has been an incredible resource for Bob and all of us. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Bob is receiving the healing waves from all of them.

As summer begins to wind down so do we. We'll be doing a private performance in October but, as of the time being, we have no other shows scheduled for the immediate future. We'll be continuing to work towards a possible future release incorporating the new songs that we've included in our summer shows. But for now we'll be biding our time just a bit while continuing to encourage Bob on his road to improved health.

For those not aware, we made a batch of T-Shirts to document our modern day version of the band, with its combination of all of the surviving founding members and our two longtime friends Milo and Richard. We've bundled up the shirt with a download card for "Forty years and counting...". If you're interested in acquiring one, you can click on this image...

2022 Commemorative Bundle


In the meantime, we're hoping you're on our email list so that you can get updates directly when we have them. Our recorded music remains available here on the site and links to most of the other places are at the top of this page.

Our continued thanks for allowing us to remain a part of your life. Please remain cautious with your health. Our prayers continue for all of our Hickory Hill family, as well as our global family, as we continue to recover from this global pandemic.

We'll be looking forward to more chances to enjoy some great music time together. May all good blessings be yours.

Until the next time...

John, Don, Ronny, Bob, Milo & Richard

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