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Hickory Hill @ Music City Texas Theater 8/17/2013
Hickory Hill

Milo Deering - John Early - Michael Morrison - Bob Stegall - Wes Perry


What a great night we had at Music City Texas Theater. It was wonderful to see a bunch of family and so many good friends. It was especially good to be back together as a five piece with Milo after loaning him out to our friend Don for the last part of 2015. The smiles were wide. We also want to thank our friend Sarah Hobbs for sharing her talents with us. Keep your eyes and ears open for what she's doing. You'll be seeing and hearing lots more about her.

Our latest CD has been out now for a little more than a year and a half. We've been enjoying including many of the tunes from the project in our live shows. They're a bunch of fun to do. If you haven't checked the CD out yet, here's the link to our Recordings page so you can do that. It was such a fun project that we're seriously considering doing another one. We'll let you know if we decide to actually do that.

Our Schedule page will show that our next booking is not until June, but we expect that we'll be getting out much sooner than that. If you want us to keep you updated, please join our Email list or on any of our other sites by clicking on one or more of the links above.

We so appreciate everyone's support and hope that what we do makes your life a little more enjoyable. We definitely know that our lives continue to be blessed by your presence and participation. Please stay well and healthy until we see you the next time.

John, Bob, Wes, Michael & Milo

    Hickory Hill at Mountain View Fall Bluegrass Festival 2016  

Hickory Hill at Mountain View Fall Bluegrass Festival 2015


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John Early Bob Stegall

Wes Perry

Michael Morrison Milo Deering
John Bob Wes Michael Milo

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