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Hickory Hill @ Music City Texas Theater 8/17/2013
Hickory Hill

Milo Deering - John Early - Michael Morrison - Bob Stegall - Wes Perry


Thanks to all of our friends at Lanes Chapel. We really enjoyed the opportunity to return this year and see some old friends and even make some new ones. It was a really special treat to visit with the Godwin family. So much of our best music originated from Jimmy and the years he spent with us in the band. We really enjoyed the hugs from his family. We treasure our memories of him and continue to carry his spirit with us everywhere we play.

Our next appearance will be our regular summer show at Music City Texas Theater. We've got a special treat lined up. The Deans, a newly formed acoustic trio consisting of Phil Kalwalik, Claire Whitlock and Earl Shaver will be opening the show. Some of you already know Earl so you know you're going to like this. They've got some really great stuff to play for you. And we've changed up the schedule for the show just a bit this year. It will be a week earlier than usual. So please save the date Saturday, August 13 on your calendar so you don't miss it. Why did we change the date? Well, John got the chance to open a show down in The Woodlands with his partner Richard Bowden. And it's for one of his favorite bands, Pure Prairie League. So we'll share his enthusiasm knowing he'll have a great time. Of course it also means that Pure Prairie League just might be adding some Hickory Hill to their tour bus playlist!

We've got some other shows coming up so check our Schedule page for the information you need. And, some preliminary work on our next CD has begun so we'll keep you posted as things progress. It will be a bit slow in developing with Milo out touring with Don, but it will come along.

If you haven't seen our pictures from Turkey Track yet please check out the slide show by clicking here. And we've left an image from our Lanes Chapel show down below.

Thanks so much for continuing to be a part of what we do. We love making music and you make it possible. We'll be looking forward to your faces next time we're together.

John, Bob, Wes, Michael & Milo

    Hickory Hill at Lanes Chapel July 2016  

Hickory Hill at Lanes Chapel July 2016


Updated 7/26/2016




John Early Bob Stegall

Wes Perry

Michael Morrison Milo Deering
John Bob Wes Michael Milo

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