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Hickory Hill @ Music City Texas Theater 8/17/2013
Hickory Hill

Milo Deering - John Early - Michael Morrison - Bob Stegall - Wes Perry


Well, our summer show at Music City Texas Theater did not disappoint. A special thanks to Jason & Nancy McCollim for a great meal and for his extra work at the theater the week leading up to our show to have things ready. What a good guy. We really enjoyed having The Deans on the bill with us. They make great music together, and that Claire can sing like a bird. And as always, it's such a blessing to have Mama and Daddy Early in the house when we play. Thanks to all of our friends for showing up. It was a very good night.

Our next appearance is a bit further from home than we've been in awhile so it will be fun to make some new friends. And Wes is smiling that the rest of us get to make the longer trip this time. We got the invite to play the Red River Bluegrass Festival in Red River, New Mexico. And we're on the bill with our good friends Augusta Road. So we're fixin' for some fun. If you live anywhere near there or have family or friends that do, make sure to come see us. We're planning on having a really good summer visit to the beautiful New Mexico mountains. We'll all be pretty high - up, that is - 8,750 feet up actually! Where are those oxygen bottles?

Our Schedule page has the information you need for that and the next shows coming up. And, we'll keep you posted as things progress on our next CD. It will be a bit slow in developing with Milo out touring with Don, but it will come along.

We've left an image from our Music City Texas Theater show down below, courtesy of the wonderful Jim King.

Thanks so much for continuing to be a part of what we do.

John, Bob, Wes, Michael & Milo

    Hickory Hill at Music City Texas Theater August 13, 2016  

Hickory Hill at Music City Texas Theater - August 13, 2016


Updated 8/22/2016




John Early Bob Stegall

Wes Perry

Michael Morrison Milo Deering
John Bob Wes Michael Milo

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