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Hickory Hill @ Music City Texas Theater 8/17/2013
Hickory Hill

Milo Deering - John Early - Michael Morrison - Bob Stegall - Wes Perry


Turkey Track Bluegrass Park remains a great place to play. It was nice to see some good friends and play some new songs for them in that beautiful park. Congrats to Susan Roberts for being the recipient of the complete set of our CD's that we gifted to her in a random selection from our CD purchasers. We were missin' Michael after a last minute change in his schedule, so Milo stepped up and played some mandolin parts and sang a bit more, and he was able to minimize a bout with laryngitis pretty well to make that happen. That's a picture of us on the Turkey Track stage down below. We appreciate them sharing that with us.

We're going to be at Bob's church, Lanes Chapel, next month on the 18th. They're going to collect a love offering but admission will be free. Check our Schedule page for all of the information and make plans to be in Tyler that night at about 6:30 pm to have some fun with us.

Here's the link to our Recordings page to get to the music, and below is the image of us at Turkey Track.

We really appreciate all of you who come out to listen, and everyone who takes some of our music home with you. You're all a blessing in our lives. We love ya.

John, Bob, Wes, Michael & Milo




Hickory Hill @ Turkey Track Bluegrass Park 2015




John Early Bob Stegall

Wes Perry

Michael Morrison Milo Deering
John Bob Wes Michael Milo

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