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Hickory Hill @ Music City Texas Theater 8/17/2013
Hickory Hill

Milo Deering - John Early - Michael Morrison - Bob Stegall - Wes Perry


Well, it had definitely been too long since we had seen our friends in Houston. We certainly hope it won't be that long until the next time we are able to visit. The Houston Folklore & Music Society is just a really nice group of friends of ours and we so appreciate their kindness. We were able to play our music to a fun multi-generational assemblage of music lovers and they gave us a very warm response. We had a good time. Michael was especially happy to get in his first show with his healing right hand. And we were real happy to hear him picking those strings once again.

We're looking forward to a private corporate performance coming up before our next public show at Salmon Lake Park. Yes, we get asked to do those occasionally and we really enjoy it, especially the chance to make some new friends. In the meantime, we will leave this extra little link to our Recordings page right here just to make it as easy as possible for people to get to that latest CD release. We've had a bunch of people tell us how much they like it, and we're real happy they do.

Thanks so much for continuing to give us the opportunity to make music.  We so love playing it, and the happy faces in front of us when we do are such a true blessing in our lives. We so appreciate ya.

John, Bob, Wes, Michael & Milo





John Early Bob Stegall

Wes Perry

Michael Morrison Milo Deering
John Bob Wes Michael Milo

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