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Hickory Hill _ Forty years and counting...

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Forty years and counting...


Forty years and counting...


We're very grateful for the opportunities to perform at our Annual Winter Bluegrass Show at Music City Texas Theater in February and for our return visit to Dosey Doe - The Big Barn in March. The people in both of those places touch our hearts with their kindness. It was terrific to get out with people again and visit with some old friends. We're currently looking at a new project and in the preparation stage. And we do have a couple more possible performance opportunities on the horizon but nothing we can confirm quite yet.

In the meantime, we're hoping you're on our email list so that you can get updates directly when we have them. Our recorded music remains available here on the site and links to most of the other places are at the top of this page.

Our continued thanks for allowing us to remain a part of your life. Please remain cautious with your health. Our prayers continue for all of our Hickory Hill family, as well as our global family, as we continue to climb back towards a more recognizable kind of life.

We're looking forward to more chances to enjoy some great music time together. May all good blessings be yours.

Until the next time...

John, Don, Ronny, Bob, Milo & Richard

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